beaver bagel co team

The Beaver Bagel Co Team

Jessica Shoemaker, Owner

Jessica is a graduate of Kent State University and Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Arts Program. Her pastry experience includes The Biltmore Estate and The French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, North Carolina.  She started Beaver Bagel in 2015 in the basement of her parents home making bagels for the local farmers market. After a well received first year, she stumbled upon a small shop in the Bridgewater borough of Beaver and opened the Beaver Bagel storefront in April 2016. When she’s not at the shop she is spending time with her husband, Shoe, her son, Teddy,  puppy Pico, and the rest of her amazing family! (Hey, you can even find some of her family here in the bagel shop!) Jessica is our biggest example of dreams becoming reality, and we are all better for having her in our lives.


Annie Leonard

Annie has been a part of our team since June 2018. She moved back from New York City (where she worked at MilkBar for 6 years), and has helped make our wildest bagel dreams come true! She’s not one to shy away from a challenge, she’s an excellent planner, she’s equipped with the best sense of humor, and she’s absolutely, without a doubt, incredibly passionate about all things ham.  When she’s not spreading her love and wisdom at the bagel shop, she’s enjoying a martini made by her loving fiancé Jared, snuggling with her four legged son Norman, or hanging out with her adorable nephew, Winston!

Shannon Bitzer


Alecia Blankenship

Alecia has been with us since September 2019. She was born and raised in North Carolina, but luckily for us, she currently lives in Beaver County with her fiancé Jordan (Union Skate Supplies-Eastern Logic), step daughter Ava and kitties, Lincoln and Marie. She’s without a doubt a team player! She’s passionate about self care and personal growth, but will never shy away from helping a friend with whatever they need. Her greatest gift is staying calm in stressful situations, and we’re so grateful to have her.


Mary Burgreen

Mary was gifted to us in 2022 via our lovely pastry chef Ashley, and we absolutely love having her. She was born and raised in Mississippi, but ventured to Beaver County to attend college at Geneva where she studied Humanities. Mary has disclosed that she had hopes of becoming a writer, or maybe even having a job at a museum! Until her calling calls, we’re going to hold on tight to her epic stoicism, and appreciate her gift of amazing facial expressions.


Laurel Coleman

Making her first appearance in 2021, Laurel has been an amazing addition to our staff. She’s an incredibly fast learner, she’s hilariously sassy, and she effortlessly connects with everyone, especially our customers. When Laurel isn’t cracking all of us up with one of her wild stories, she’s spending time with her husband Nick, making a vast variety of delicious treats, and giving all of the scratchies to her adorable cat.

Jason Dick

Jason has been part of the bagel crew since August 2015 – since the very first days of Beaver Bagel existence at the farmers market!  He works behind the scenes whipping up the late night cream cheese, bagging wholesale bagels and works alongside Hector to provide us our daily, delicious fresh bagels! When he’s not at the shop, you can find him around town with his girlfriend, Amanda and their fur baby, Daphne, blasting the Grateful Dead, drawing, casually lounging somewhere on the river in his kayak or at a music festival with friends! 


Samantha Eichenlaub

Sam has been with us since August 2016, and we won’t ever let her go! She’s a Lincoln Park alum, where she majored in Literary Arts, and found an immense love for film studies. When she isn’t blessing the entire staff with her outbursts of song and self-deprecating humor, you can find her spending time with her fiancé Andrew, her dog Willow Rose Helm, and hosting her podcast SamSquaredSinema with her best friend, Sam! 


Adri Gradisek

Adri has been with us since the bagel shop opened in 2015. She graduated from John Carroll University where she studied exercise science and biology and was the president of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.  At the rise of the pandemic, she earned her masters degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh, which landed her a job amongst the faculty as a Student Services Specialist! When she’s not here or at her office job, you can find her hanging with her pup Tyce, cooking dinner for her family, choreographing and starring in Center Theater Players’ various productions, exploring different restaurants/shops around the Pittsburgh area, and plotting to save the world one day! Whew, what can’t she do!


Amanda Gropp

Amanda is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu pastry program and has been with us since September 2018 as our pastry chef. On weekends she makes all the delicious pastries in our case from scratch, with love. Though she is rarely seen, you can definitely hear her infectious laugh when she’s pulling cookies out of the oven, or whipping up fresh butter cream.  Outside of work, Amanda loves to spend time with her beautiful daughter Violet and her husband Dylan. She’s one of the best people to blast early 2000s alternative /pop punk with, and there’s truly no better person to put a smile on your face like our Manda.


Hector Jimenez

Hector started working with the overnight bagel crew in 2021 and has been such an asset to the team! He has the warmest heart, he’s always willing to help, and his devotion is unparalleled. Originally from Panama, he met his wife when she was visiting with the Peace Corps. She’s actually the one who got him the job! She reached out to us on Instagram, and it turns out he’s exactly what we’ve always needed! And as fate would have it, she’s one of our most trusted and frequent customers! When he isn’t making bagels, you can find him hanging with said beautiful wife (we love you, Alexis!) and two children.


Bronte Lucci

Bronte has been with us since 2017. She graduated from Kent State University where she studied vocal performance. She is an extremely talented vocalist, expert organizer, trend setter extraordinaire, and an amazing part of our bagel team, but it doesn’t end there! This angel can dance, act, and she even runs her own vocal coaching business when she isn’t here at the bagel shop! You can catch her onstage with The Center Theater Players, going on epic adventures with her three siblings, her best friend Adri, or her boyfriend Andrew. And we certainly can’t forget that she’s a proud auntie to the cutest young man, Maddox. She’s never not busy, but that’s just one more thing we absolutely love about her.


Nicole Marrs

Nicole has been with us since 2019. This customer service queen is no stranger to supporting small businesses, or recommending the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. She graduated from Geneva college with a degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and now attends Carlow University for her Masters degree.  When she is not at the bagel shop, you can find her hanging with her nephew Wynton, at a coffee shop, drawing, or hanging out with her cats, Baxter and Dooley!


Brianna Rombold

Bri gracefully came to us in November 2020 and has quickly become the griddle QUEEN! She’s equipped with an abundance of back-of-house experience, and we are so lucky to have her! When she’s not flipping eggs and bacon, you might find her at home in her own kitchen, making elaborate meals for her husband Adam, and then ending her days with the most adorable dog, Opie.


Cameron Schwarz

Cam has been a part of our bagel family since 2020, and trust us when we say that we haven’t had a dull moment since. She’s a five-star friend, she’s a giver of pure selfless love, and every single moment with her has felt like the biggest belly laugh, or the warmest of hugs. When she isn’t spending time talking to us about anything and everything under the sun, you can find her with her lifelong friends, tending to her baby chickens or hanging out at her place with her adorable daughter Willow Rubi.


Ashley Slaubaugh

Ashley first started as part of the front-of-house staff in 2020, but has since made her way to the back-of-house as a pastry-making princess. She’s currently attending Pittsburgh Technical College to become an official pastry chef. Her passion for baking and devotion to bettering the bagel shop doesn’t end at the mixer. She was a long-time customer before she worked here, and she’s even shared her best friend of five years with us to help bulk up our staff. What a pal!